Saturday, 11 December 2010

Early Christmas Present

Dear You,

If you are reading this and you enjoy our blog I would like to ask you a wee favour. Please can you take just a minute out of your day to sign up and become an official follower. Thus far we have 8. It's not an overly impressive number, although to you 8, we love you dearly, and both Belle and I know that there are quite a few more of you out there. It would be like an early Christmas present to us. We'd very much appreciate it. And it might mean that if someone typed us in to Google they wouldn't have to go back 19 pages before they found us (I'm suggesting 19, it could be more, I've never been bothered enough to keep going past 3). It might also mean that we would smile like this:

Thank you Bless you x

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  1. amazing picture. I am one of the may also follow me if you wish....



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