Sunday, 6 February 2011

That's Why You Came

Yesterday was just the best day! Met Anna just for a catch up but ended up having the biggest adventure! Met her friend Kate who is just a total darling, we all went for lunch, did a bit of vintage shopping in la Marrais (got an insane jumper for 3e. It's all sparkly, looks like the galaxy has thrown up on it. Will show it to you soon, along with all the other clothes I need to show you!!) Then we were wondering around rue de Rivoli, in Sephora etc, stopped in to a working art house studio installation, chatted to this sweet little guy. Casual. THEN, our friend Alice called us an offered us executive tickets for the France vs Scotland rugby match which started in half an hour on the other side of Paris so we literally ran across the city, watched the match which was INSANE! So close to the pitch you could pretty much smell the players. Mmmmmm rugby boy sweat. Then went back to Annas, had some pizza, sorted out our faces and went over to St Germain, met her gorgeous French man and his gorgeous friend, had a few drinks, then met the rest of the gang and sat in a bar drinking wine til 5am. Really, this is what I moved to Paris for.

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