Friday, 20 May 2011

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Obviously everyone saw the sheer and absolute devestation that the earthquake and tsunami created in Japan two months ago. No one who watched the footage on the news could fail to feel a mixture of grief for the absolute tragedy and admiration for the way the Japanease people dealt with it. And continue to deal with it. There is a lovely girl in my class who is from Japan. She is sweet and polite and smart. And just before we all went home for Easter she brought in origami paper and taught us all how to make paper cranes. They are a traditional sign of hope. This is mine. I picked a bright coral colour and it now sits above my sink as a reminder every day when I'm brushing my teeth of just how much I have and how lucky I am. One of my NY's resolutions was to learn how to make paper cranes and I am always going to remember that it was her that taught me and why she did so

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