Sunday, 10 July 2011


Babies, I'm so sorry for the desertion without explanation. Like the mangey cats that run riot all over the island I'm on I have left you to fend for yourselves. For a bit anyway. I'm in Greece for the summer. A wee island called Spetses. It's like living on the set of Mama Mia. Singing background Greeks included... I'm here for 5 weeks more and then spending 10 days with Ellie in Lemnos. So if there is a distinct lack of posting then you now have explanations and can't be too angry at me. Besides, Belle is in Syders for the month doing her Marie C internship so she may well be a bit closer to the internet than I am. Anyway, if not, have a gorgeous summer love cats. Make it one of those ones that when you're old you can look back on it through a sepia tint and everything seems golden. Smushes xxx

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