Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Fuzzy Knees

Today has been a day full of not great decisions. I touched a flooded washing machine which gave me a huge electric shock and cut all my electricity. I am without until tomorrow morning. I didn't make the transfer for my rent on time so now it won't go in until tomorrow. I wore really cute cable knit shorts but it's not as warm as it has been so my knees are all cold and fuzzy. I ate a whole big packet of goats cheese flavoured crisps. I'm sleepy because I didn't go to bed til midnight. I have a HUGE spot on my forehead right in time for Elie Saab tomorrow (the crisps won't have helped) I also have nothing to wear...Oh merde! However, tonight I have been invited to Anna and Re's to play palour games and watch a girly film. So, ya know, linings of silver...

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