Monday, 3 October 2011

Glitter Bomb!

photos by Bean and Lily
So I was blessed enough to have the beautiful Elise and Lily staying with me for a few days whilst they were over working the Vivienne Westwood show. Wonderful girls, such absolute sweeties! AND, on top of that I was lucky enough to be able to the attend the after party with them. I felt like a rockstar but totally out of place and not anywhere near cool enough. I'm getting to meet a lot of new people at the moment and see a lot of new things and I feel very lucky and overwhelmed about it all. I think it's important to stay overhwlemed, otherwise everything seems dull and less shiny. Had a mare with what to wear but ran in to H+M 15 mins before they closed and found this cool slouchy silky thing with MASSIVE pockets. I'm wearing it today in the office actually with studded sandals and a silver cuff. Could become a new staple. H+M have some corkers in right now, just need the money to go buy them...the Versace range is out in about a month and I can tell you, I'm going to be first in the queue!

P.S These pictures are in no way intended to promote smoking or suggest that it's cool etc. It's a vice that I sometimes succumb to when I've had too much to drink and it's not something I'm proud of. Just saying.

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