Friday, 25 November 2011

By Two

Happy Friday lovebugs! The beautiful Soph and Becky are coming to stay this weekend. And the wee Irish gem that is Rog is also heading over the water! Best Birthday gift ever :) Well either that or this pancake here. I want to shmush it in my face so that I have all that deliciousness all over me. Shexy. It's suddenly got super cold here in the last few days, need to dig out some stuff for the whole 'cute layering' look. I won't lie, I never succeed at 'cute layering'. I look more like a hobo wearing all their clothes for warmth. Combine that with my flyaway Hagrid hair and I'm just not looking like the groomed, sophisticated Parisian 23 year old I thought I would be...Still though, the pancakes look good x

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