Friday, 30 December 2011


I'm back in Paris after the most perfect shire Christmas I could have ever asked for and I'm not currently feeling oerjoyed about it. I'm sure that in a few days  I'll be right back in my French swing though and right now I have no time to feel sad because it is one of my most favourite times of year...NEW YEAR!!! The eve I'm not too fussed about, it's the actual new year that get's me all of a quiver. Everyone likes getting something new don't they?! And at mdinight on 31st Dec everyone get's something new every year. And it's a big thing too. You get a whole new year to play with!!! 365 days of unknown. I know I sound like I've lost it a bit but it really is one of my favourite times. I start guirding my loins and making statements about how this year I'll write more letters to people I love and really get in to my soup making (for some reason new year always makes me in to a Susie Can-Do). Make an aim for 2012. Not a resolution, they seem too depressing, but an aim to work towards. And start filling up your 365 days of unkown with things to make you happy x

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