Friday, 3 February 2012

Didit s/s 2012

So I was lucky enough to go the Haute Couture Didit s/s 2012 show last week. The perks of having organized friends who bother to get me an invite when my mind is elsewhere. Thank you Serg. The collection had a strong Indian theme, like the last days of the Raj but expressed in ostrich skin and with much more structured headwear. The models stalked around us, some of the boys practically running around the room like they were doing laps, and a man in bare feet played a sitar. My two favorite pieces were this beautiful little nutmeg coloured ostrich caplet (second picture) and the skirt of the wedding piece at the end that had white peacock feathers for it's train (second to last picture). Couture isn't for every day, unless your last name is Guiness, but some of the pieces had an incredible approachability about them, and were so beautifully crafted. I loved the deep lip colour and the little cut out backs. I wasn't so keen on the overly exaggerated skirts. They looked like someone had stuffed wadding up them at the last minute. We got little goody bags with suede covered colouring books with beautiful illustrations in them. Then we all walked back to the office in the rain...
It's not all bad is it.

(photos are a mixture from Sarah and I)

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