Sunday, 19 February 2012

Foul Weather Friends

                                                            Yesterday was a definitive moment of hitting rock bottom. For the last month or so I've embarked on a slow decline I've liked to call "The Art of Giving Up" and yesterday delivered the final installment. You may have noticed said decline reflected in my blogging, it's been present for those of you beady eyed enough to notice. I promise that smacking the bottom yesterday provided the bounce to climb back up. I need to say an incredibly large thank you to these two wonderful men. The boys came up trumps yesterday in the foul weather friend stakes and without either of their support it could have all gone totally Pete Tong. Thank you Adam and Ekow for showing me what real men are x

Et toi,
tu est un con sans âme, je ne pourrais jamais t’ai aimés

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