Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Love Story

This dress is not just a dress.
It sounds like the start of an M+S advert doesn't it? Don't worry, I'm not going get all food orgasm Irish on you. But it isn't. And I think you should know why. It's important not to let these little things pass by. 
This dress is the ideal of what a plain white sheer dress should be. It is a dress to be worn on a warm Spring day when you feel like buying flowers and taking pictures with a disposable Kodak. It's a dress to go get brunch in with someone that makes your tummy feel funny. In a good way, not in a cheap tequilla way. It's a dress that needs nothing else but gold sandals and bright pink nails. Not everything can be so simple. Not everything should be. But some small parts of life should not cause you any stress. And a sheer white slip is the least stressful thing I can think of right now. This Summer you should fall in love. You should learn to draw. You should read and drink and dance and eat a lot. You should speak in foreign languages and work hard at being the type of person you would want to hang out with. And you should do it all in this dress.
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