Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Shoes

I'm going to give you a bit of warning. I think it's only fair. If someone doesn't purchase all of these shoes for me I think I'm probably going to lose the last few strands of sanity I've clung on to. I'm not always the biggest fan of Topshop shoes tbh. I think quite often they make something really fucking ugly and then brainwash you into believeing that if you wear it you'll be super cool and alternative and have that "who's that girl" aura about you. You won't. Topshop is one of the biggest high street retailers in the UK and if you've had that thought then so have millions of other girls. So now you're just walking around looking exactly the same as everyone else, feeling like you're different, with ugly feet.
These are absolute beauties and on my forthcoming jaunt back to the beautiful Isle I may have to go salivate over them. Like I said. All donations welcome...

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