Thursday, 28 June 2012

Please make me better

OK, so I have a confession to make (another one). I've been keeping something special from you rather than sharing it. I'll be honest, it's because I've been a total wreck since discovering it and it's taken me quite a while to rein myself back in. I was a little worried about my obsessive mental state. So, if you don't know, Ryan Gosling, my future hubby, is in a band with the delightful Zach Shields. They are called Dead Man's Bones and if you haven't heard them before then dear lord go check them out. Everything they've ever done is gold. The other day I stumbled upon this video for their song Pa Pa Power. I know I'm now about 2 years late on the uptake on this but whatever. It's Ryan Gosling. Singing. To old people. And then they all dance.
I think we all know why I've been a mess. Too many favourite things all in once space.

P.s I won't lie, the middle bit in the woods? I don't totally get it. But I still love this more than anything else ever.

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