Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stella Job

Stella McCartney is someone I'm warming to as I get older. I know, I'm only 23. Things are changing man, Stella McCartney leanings and evenings spent looking at pictures of cats in vegetable costumes signal that my menopause is creeping up quicker than I would have hoped. Gaaaaah well, what can you do eh? Invest in one of those cooling vests for imminent and sporadic hot flushes and then just get on with it. Stella threw the ultimate English garden party, in New York, to showcase here resort collection. Pink lemonade, funfair snacks and a brass band. Everyone looks a little like stylish Goodnight Mr Tom extras but I'm OK with that. And the palette is just all shades of Bertillon ice cream delight. High 5 Stella, to you, me and rapidly apraoching middle age x

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