Wednesday, 4 July 2012


"Anything that can separate the last bits of you from me"

I read this quote the other day and I thought it was beautiful. When a heart breaks, no matter your age or the circumstances, there is always a process of detangling your life from the other person's. Any sort of emotional attachment takes a while to unpick. Thousands of tiny particles are attached by invisible threads and it is a question of detaching yourself. With some threads it's necessary to just take a big pair of scissors and cut them. Snap. All the chords are dead and there's no way to go back, to reattach. No need.
Other threads need to be treated more delicately. You both move around each other, trying to work out how to dissolve this sweet little mess. It is these delicate connections that have the most amount of emotional pain entwined in them. It is these that will take the longest. Sometimes you'll trip over them, perhaps months or years after the initial break and there will still be a dull twang as it reverberates and echoes through the cavities of your heart and soul and memory that had lain dormant for such a long time.

The last few years have taught me how to untie knots, a useful skill to possess

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