Friday, 13 July 2012

Oak heart

I read about this today and it was just such a beautiful thing I had to share it. 17 years ago Winston Howes planted thousands of oaks in one of his meadows but left a heart shape in the centre as a tribute to his wife Janet, who died suddenly after 33 years of marriage. It's on his farm in Gloucestershire and it's hidden. It's a secret heart that still beats on, is still growing. In the Spring time daffodils blossom in the centre. He goes up and sits there and thinks about his wife and the years they spent together.
Some people really do love each other for the whole of their lives. I hope this makes you smile on a rainy Friday afternoon.


  1. This is very poignant for me, Winston and Janet, my Mother and Father. Thank you for your kind words

  2. We're very glad you liked it. It's a pleasure for us to share such a beautiful story.



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