Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Dior Report

Pretty much everything Dior has done recently has been flawless. From their new campaign with Mila Kunis, to their fashion promotion films to their stop-my-beating-heart flower bedecked Haute Couture show. After the departure of Galliano last year I think everyone was wondering where they were going to go next. Raf Simons last collection for Jil Sander was an obvious nod to his next steps and he has steamed into the role of head designer for the house with gusto and elegance. He is making his mark without resorting to stupidly offensive publicity stunts (I'm looking at you Hedi Slimane. I'm never going to get over the YSL name change...). I'm so excited to see how the brand develops now. I feel like it's going to continue to be theatrical but in an altogether more grown up way. Don't get me wrong, Galliano was and is a genius. But this new move for Dior is a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh air with a distinctly classic vintage vibe. Eeeeeeep!

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