Thursday, 13 September 2012

Indian Summer

I would say that one show per season in New York makes me melt. This year the shiny star goes to Marchesa. Indian Princess dreams in embroidered cream and silver, gold on sheer plum and bejeweled sandals. Hot pinks and red. Cracked whispers of a lost summer than promised itself and never came. I just can't say enough. Look at it. The sleaked simple hair and dark nails are really all that's needed with such intricate detailing. The Chanel pre-fall 12 collection spoke of India but in a much heavier way. There was no way around that look. It either was or it wasn't. With Marchesa there is more room to breathe, an ability to make it your own. There is a timeless quality to the pieces whilst still being modern and relevant. Take a deep breath in, breathe it out and smile at so much beauty.

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