Thursday, 4 October 2012


Dior ss13

Hello there. The last 2 weeks of silence haven't been without an incredibly good reason. Paris Fashion Week. My first real proper fashion week working in my dream job. It was kinda a big deal and I kinda didn't sleep a whole lot. But now I have lots of delicious packages of joy to give you full of backstage shots and memories form the week. None of this will be in chronological order. Most of the photos weren't actually taken by me, they're from Alex and Daniel who I work with. I think for the majority of the week my head was so in the clouds with happiness that I couldn't have seen my hand in front of my face let alone capture it. But this is pretty much all I'm going to be talking about for a wee while so excuse the lack of variation in coming posts.

Let me say this though, it has all been worth it. Everything everything everything. I did it kids, I actually went and bloody did it!

Dior. Beautiful collection if a little samey to couture. But if you're on to a good thing, which Raf is, why mess with it? The setting was just incredible, the design boys did an amazing job of that. The make-up looked better in real life than it did in pics I think. I was put on production for most of the week and for this show ended up helping guide the models through an absolute labyrinth catwalk which was made 10x as hard because the shoes were IMPOSSIBLE to walk in.

The whole day all I kept thinking was, Dior man, Dior!
Enjoy kids, cause I sure as hell did :) x

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