Monday, 15 October 2012

Oh To Singh, To See

Aggghhhhhh I LOVE days like this. Where you find nuggets of gold and everything in life makes a bit more sense because of them. The photography of Candace Meyer is just so breathtakingly perfect and geared towards my aesthetic that it could have almost been me taking the photos (if I had any ounce of talent when it comes to handling a camera that is). She's not new, she's just new to me. Her use of natural light and the sea and the countryside is soft and powerful all at the same time. Her images remind me of the rose tinted memory I have of my teenage years growing up in the middle of nothing.

Then there is this young man below, a wonderful musical accompaniment to such beautiful pictures. Sent to me by a good friend who knows the kind of music I'll love before I know it myself. Luke Sital-Singh, Candace Meyer, you've collectively just made my day. Cheers x

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