Thursday, 13 December 2012

2 rue des Haudriettes

One of those gold dust outfit posts that I feel a little awkward about and don't really know what to say. The dress is from and is the navy Frank dress which I also have in cream. The boots were a gift from my French parents and are the best thing I've had on my feet for a very long time. Check H&M for those bad boys. The cardigan is old H&M and warm as hell and my lippy is Bobbi Brown Red carpet. This winter I finally feel like I'm getting the knack of layering without looking like a 5 year old who has decided to put all their clothes on at once. Which is nice. 24 and till progressing. I'm a fan of a sheer with a knit, I like the mix of textures. And actually this shade of navy does not look awful with black. I think it's blue enough that it can carry it's own.

And I'm in front of a door. But more on that soon...

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