Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dressed to Kilt

Can you tell just how much I'm bumming Poppy Delevigne's look at the Chanel Metiers d'Arts show the other night?! Karl took his clan to Linlithgow Palace and got all kinds of tartan, Mary Queen of Scots fabs on us. There were a lot of tartan plus 4's which, I don't care who you are King K, I am NOT behind at all. But there was also a plethora of of incredible workmanship and detailing that really, from an technical point of view, was just incredible. I admire the acquisition of smaller ateliers by the Chanel house, big dogs appreciating the little man and all that. 

Taking Chanel to Scotland actually makes the most amount of sense when you consider Coco's history with the place. She fell in love with the Duke of Westminster and ran away over the Highlands to him. So much of the traditional Chanel trademarks, the tweed and the knits and colours are inspired by Scotland. And the regal nod to Mary Queen of Scots, former Queen of France, was just genius. He might be kind of nuts but the man has it, you can't really say otherwise.
From a personal point of view, I spent nearly every Christmas of my childhood bounding around Linlithgow. It's where my family on my fathers side live and the bagpipes at Linlithgow Palace still make me feel like a cold 6 year old, overly excited about all my Slyvanian based Christmas presents I was hoping to receive. The bad choice of trouser style and the excessive use of tartan may have been too much for me but the collection as a whole totally hit the mark. Rug up, Christmas is coming, fur hats and dark lipstick will save you.

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