Monday, 29 April 2013

Laser Touch Aesthetics - the holy grail of medical spas

Laser Hair Removal. The holy grail of beauty maintenance for all females. Specifically females with masses of sporadically thick dark hair growth. Hello, hands up in the corner over here…
This has been on my ‘list of things I really should do for my body’ for a while, along with Microdermabrasion facials. They literally just lift the old dead skin from your face. Can you imagine anything more satisfying?!? LaserTouch Aesthetics offer both in a safe, professional environment by fully qualified and experienced staff. Which, let’s be honest, is really what you’re looking for when you’re trusting someone with such advanced beauty care. They also offer Oxygen Therapy which I think, in a few years when my skin really starts listening to gravity, I’m definitely going to need. And considering that the price is so reasonable, this is really one of those addresses that needs to go on the front page of your Little Black book with stars and love hearts around it. Unfortunately for me right now they are only based in New York; Soho, Midtown Manhattan and Westchester to be precise.

My friend Sophie was there the other week during a brief jaunt in NY and came back with skin as smooth as buttermilk and a relaxed zen aura surrounding her from being treated so wonderfully. The staff were very friendly and really listened to her when she explained what she felt she needed, advising her accordingly.

Find out more on Laser Touch Aesthetics and if you go please write to me and tell me how incredible it was/don’t because I’ll be super jealous. What do we think, is a return flight to NY specifically to visit a boutique medical spa a little too excessive?
Find them at:
150 Spring Street, Floor 2,
New York, NY 10012.
On Spring, between W. Broadway and Wooster.
Phone: 646.699.4883


  1. leslie unsworth29 April 2013 at 16:09

    Looks like a reputable place! Thanks for the tip.

  2. You're welcome Leslie! Like I said, if you go, let me know :)



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