Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Long Expanse of Time

Hello there you,

It's been a wee while. Did you think I'd left you forever? I wouldn't blame you if you had. There have been times over the last few months where I thought the same myself. But here I am, breathing and blogging. I guess I should explain. I feel like I'm often explaining unexplainable absences when perhaps it's not very necessary. But 3 months probably warrants at least a few words. In short, I lost my inspiration. A lot of changes happened around June and July that left me feeling rather flat. Nothing I was seeing seemed worth sharing or writing about, which for someone who is normally so excited by stuff like fabric detergent adverts was a bit alarming. And because I had nothing to say I just stopped. Blogging for the sake of blogging wasn't something I wanted to do, the whole idea of Belle & Bean has always been to share the things that inspire us.

Anyway, I took some much needed time out, went travelling, saw sights, had adventures, fell in love and decided what my next thing should be. And along the way I got inspired. It's nice to be back xxx

P.S Thank you to Lucy for gently harranging me for the last few months to get my blogging act together. Tajikistan has one of our finest.

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