Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cunning Bill

Tonight I will be mostly just be absorbing this. Released in 2011 it baffles me as to how this has escaped my attention until now, but never the less, I'm there now. In an industry that sells the beauty and freshness of youth over all others, there is a deep rooted respect and reverance for those who have been around for a long time. Tim Blanks' CFDA award last week shows that. He, Suzy, Bill, Cathy, their voices and ideas carry weight, their wealth of knowledge gained from their experience floats amongst a sea of fickle chatter, an ebb and flow of opinions that appease the newest passing obsession deemed to have the coolest credentials.

Mr Cunningham is a fascinating character. I see him around at Fashion Week sometimes and he appears almost like an apparition, there for a second to capture a moment and then gone again before you even know what it was he saw and snapped. I posted a short documentary a while ago from Garage Magazine that discusses the circus outside fashion shows. Whenever I see him, Bill seems to float above this, seeing the little details of the person outside having a quick cigarette as opposed to the wirey bird women, bedecked in feathers, flying about in front of the army of photographers. He has, for all these years, seen the beauty of every day, the original street style photographer.

Let me know if you watch this and what you think x

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