Thursday, 13 June 2013

You're a virgin who can't drive


Well this is genius. Talk about surpassing all other by jumping on the ultimate advertising bandwagon. So the 90's are having a thing right now. It's the 20 year loop right? Clueless really was the original Mean Girls and I for one am so happy to see it back. Although tbh I'm not sure it ever really went away. I was all about the long white socks and mini skirts back in the day. Cher Horowitz was responsible for influencing my choice of stationary which could only ever be fluffy pink biros and has had a continued effect on my pyjama choices. There were a particular pair of red checked baggy Calvin Klein trousers that I was very attached to for a very long time. I still find it hard to think of anything more incredible than her electronic outfit chooser. To capitalise on such an iconic fashion film is incredibly good marketing on the part of Wildfox. The girls who were obsessed with this film back in '95 are the same girls who are old enough and earn enough to be able to buy the collection they're selling. 
Don't be a Baldwin, go home and like, dig out your over the knee socks.

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